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Welcome to Compass Song Contest!

This wiki page may not look all too beautiful to you yet, but don't you worry, I'll be working on it!

Have you wandered in off the internet? Do feel free to join us - dm oisín#0001 for the link!


Since I don't have the wiki fully imported, feel free to take a gaze at our spreadsheet - - where we have all edition results and songs!

Past winners

Edition User Country Artist Song
#1 Azzbestos Flag of Venezuela.svg Venezuela Arca "Desafío"
#2 Chimlin Flag of South Korea.svg South Korea BVNDIT "Jungle"
#3 Alexis Flag of Portugal.svg Portugal mema. "Perdi O Norte"
#4 Brella Flag of Armenia.svg Armenia Samuum "Maria"
#5 Hugo Flag of Australia.svg Australia Tkay Maidza "24k"
#6 Palmas Flag of Greece.svg Greece Perfume Genius "Slip Away"
#7 Amez Flag of Australia.svg Australia Kito, VanJess, Channel Tres "Recap"
#8 Chimlin Flag of Mongolia.svg Mongolia Magnet Brain "SUNMANDANA"
#9 Will Flag of Nigeria.svg Nigeria ENNY "I Want"
#10 Mihailo Flag of Zimbabwe.svg Zimbabwe Rachel Chinouriri "Darker Place"
#11 Bowman Flag of Russia.svg Russia Zventa Sventana "Na gore mak" (На горе мак)